How do I know if my child needs an evaluation?

What should I do before my first visit?

– Read and complete the intake form. Please write down any questions you may have for discussion with the therapist.

Why is home-based therapy important?

– A comfortable and familiar atmosphere offers the best opportunity for functional carryover of learner strategies. Using items in the home environment ensures that you have everything you need to continue practicing therapy targets between sessions.

How does billing work?

– All Services are private pay. Payments are made after each session or on a monthly basis. Invoices are provided if needed for HSA reimbursement.

– Cash, checks or credit cards are accepted.

Does an adult need to be present for therapy sessions?

– An adult must remain in the home at all times for the duration of all therapy sessions. Following each session a caregiver will meet with the therapist to summarize the session and go over your home program for ongoing practice.

Will you come to my child’s school or after-care program?

– I am able to see your child for therapy sessions at their school per your school’s visitor policy. Each school is different. Please consult your school for more information.